Diamond’s senior management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the areas of private equity, business development, entrepreneurship, community venture capital, economic development, education and banking. Diamond senior management‘s unique blend of skills, talents and experience will allow the company to effectively execute its mission of investing in and helping grow emerging growth companies. Our advisors have unique experience in managing venture funds, accessing government incentives, and investing capital market matters.

C. EARL PEEK, MANAGING PRINCIPAL: Mr. Peek, a CPA, has financed over 200 companies in his career. He is a former banker with a track record of at least 40 financings in seven years of commercial banking and the balance of his financings with a community development corporation (CDC) over a seven year period. Of the approximately 160 financings he managed while with the CDC, more than 70% were to LMI firms and consisted of more than $100 million in financing project cost. He has financed retail, food, real estate, manufacturing, hotel, construction, IT, and various government contracting clients. He managed loan portfolios averaging $30 million with two banks and was responsible for all of the commercial loan business development activities at a $350 million community bank. Mr. Peek syndicated up to $70 million in financings while at these commercial banks.

From January 2011 until August 2012, Mr. Peek was a Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Treasury. Mr. Peek was a voting member on the $1.5 billion State Small Business Credit Initiative and an observer representing Secretary Geithner and Deputy Assistant Secretary Don Graves, Jr. on the $30 billion Small Business Lending Fund (SBLF) Investment Committees, respectively. He was also an Observer on the $300 million CDFI Lending Fund. He was appointed to represent the Secretary and Deputy Assistant Secretary as a voting member on the Director Selection Committee whose role was to appoint board members to TARP bank recipients. Mr. Peek represented the US. Treasury on the Presidential Task Force for Veterans and led the Access to Capital subcommittee. His experience and contacts within the Federal Government will be leveraged to assist the Fund’s portfolio companies.

LONNIE SABOOR, PRINCIPAL: Mr. Saboor is one of the South’s leading development financiers. He has funded over 600 businesses in his career, piloted the development of several lending programs in underserved areas in the Southeast, and leveraged more than $500 million in bank financing and public and private capital to create over 15,000 jobs. As president of the SBA local certified development company in Atlanta, he financed over 500 businesses through a $10 million revolving loan fund. The blended loss ratio of capital was under 8%. Mr. Saboor assisted in creating or saving over 10,000 jobs for low-moderate-income residents of Atlanta. Of the approximately 100 financings he managed while with the CDC from 1979 to the present, more than 70% of the financings were to LMI firms and consisted of hundreds of millions of dollars in financing project cost.

HUBERTUS (“BERT”) J. VAN DER VAART, PRINCIPAL: Mr. van der Vaart has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of SEAF (see below) since May 1997. Under his leadership, SEAF has significantly increased its capital under management and improved its investment performance. Mr. van der Vaart joined SEAF on a full time basis in 1994 as Director General of CARESBAC-Polska, SEAF’s first investment company, which grew to a total capital under management of $15.9 million. Mr. Van der Vaart has more than 25 years of U.S. investment, business and legal experience.

Please see a summary of all of the Principals’ financings in “V. Track Records of the Principals,” Page 28. A more detailed summary of individual transactions, which denotes which deals were to Minority and LMI firms, is available upon request.

Industry Advisory Board and Affiliations

To help source investments and build enterprise value in their portfolio companies, the Principals have formed an industry advisory board consisting of distinguished executives and community leaders (the “Board of Advisors”). Members of the Board of Advisors bring perspective, operational insight and senior level access to potential customers and suppliers for the Partnership’s portfolio companies.

DILEEP RAO, PhD, SENIOR ADVISOR: Dr. Rao has an extensive community development venture finance (CDVC) background. He has financed over 450 businesses in his more than 30-year career with Impact-7 (I-7), a major, Midwest-based, nationally known community development financial institution (CDFI). Of those financings, at least 75 involved equity. He was part of a senior management team that grew a CDVC from $500,000 to over $100 million in assets at I-7. The investments were primarily made in low income rural areas. Dr. Rao is currently a Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship at Florida International University in Miami, FL.