Diamond Ventures is formed to be a  $200MM (MM=Millions) investment firm seeking to be a  Small Business Investment Company (SBIC).. Diamond Ventures has been invited to and filed the application   to become a SBIC . Diamond Ventures (DV) is a venture capital firm organized to invest in and lend to highly qualified entrepreneurs, many of which may be primarily veteran, minority or women-owned or managed businesses. We are interested in finance and relationship opportunities with firms that are involved in government contracting, and diversity suppliers to the Fortune 500. We look for companies that have high growth opportunities with these two drivers  as actual or potential  key customers.

Our objective is to invest across various strategic sectors with risk adjusted returns to participate in the veteran purchase, multi-billion dollar diversity, DBE, and government contracting opportunities anchored within 200 miles of our operating offices in and operations in New York,  Washington, D.C. or Atlanta, throughout the east coast  and southeast.

DV expects to balance financial and social returns with its investors in the following socially underserved areas:

  • Minority Entrepreneurs: DV will assist highly qualified minority and women entrepreneurs gain access to capital, government contracts, and corporate preferred purchase programs.
  • Veterans: DV will assist highly qualified veteran managed businesses. DV believes that veterans have a unique training, discipline, and leadership potential indicative of the leadership needed to grow entrepreneurial companies.
  • Jobs in Low-Income Areas: DV plans to lead the push to serve underserved markets in the U.S. by finding, coordinating and financing businesses that create jobs in areas such low-income areas and inner cities. Our track record proves our commitment.
  • Corporate Purchasing Conduit for Stronger Minority-Owned Businesses: DV will work with procurement offices of large U.S. corporations and contracting officers of government agencies to strengthen their supply chain with businesses we invest in that are important to corporations.

Strategic Corporate Stakeholders

Diamond seeks to work strategically and collaboratively with its stakeholders to achieve collateral benefits that complement the corporation and adds value to Diamond’s over-arching goal of generating double digit bottom line market adjusted investment returns, social impact,  and job creation.

Building Stronger Suppliers of Color

Diamond also plans to work strategically and collaboratively with the National Minority Supplier Development Council and its local affiliates, which have as its members over 3500 large Corporations and over 15,000 businesses owned by minorities who are America’s fastest growing sector. We also look to work with firms that are customers of the Billion Dollar Roundtable®, the National Urban League’s Urban Empowerment Fund, CDFIs, Community Banks, Minority Depository Institutions that are members of the National Bankers Association and like entities.

Strategic Advantage

The Diamond Ventures team has

  • An unparalleled collective 100+ years of experience of investing in and lending to social impact areas and underserved business sectors and demonstrated above market returns.
  • Experience in diverse business sectors acquired by financing almost 1,000 businesses, making over 200 investments and 800 senior and subordinated debt financings , many of which were ethnic or minority managed and owned or in under-served areas globally.
  • High quality deal flow in its target region via numerous high-level government contacts, community bank contacts, and with its advisors.
  • Access to the CEO’s of minority owned banks and senior federal government officials for deal flow.
  • The demonstrated ability to invest with and obtain senior debt from banks.
  • Proven ability to save or create thousands of jobs.
  • Blazed a trail to create diversity in the SBIC program.
  • Has Senior Policy Advisory experience to the US Treasury that gives it unique perspectives on small business, access to capital, and government contracting and interactions with veterans.
  • Direct affiliations with Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)  who has consistently achieved returns in the top quartile of IRR’s with other vintage funds in its class..